I Cannot Write Today

I awoke with enthusiasm, anxious for the previous two weeks of solid, constructive writing days to continue. They didn’t.

“Just write something, anything…” is the advice proclaimed to break out of what is referred to as writer’s block. I struggled to comply with said guidance, but soon realized I had jumbled words no one would want to read, a meandering story no one could follow, and characters flatter than…well, you get the idea.

In frustration, and with an eye on a hot cup of coffee and a long nap in my recliner, I typed the final line of a torturous page of useless prose:  I cannot write today.

That’s when this poem came to me, a quick bit of composition, but writing all the same. Irony, too, I suppose. Some may argue it merely confirms “I cannot write today” but I present it anyway.

“I Cannot Write Today” 

I cannot write today.

Procrastination’s forces have their way;


Postponement, and


I cannot write today.

Creative abilities once held sway;


Mastery, and


I cannot write today.

Progress corralled, kept at bay;


Held, and


I cannot write today.

It is with sadness, therefore, I must say:

I’m adjourning until another day.

23 thoughts on “I Cannot Write Today

  1. Well I like it, Jack. Although I’m sad you couldn’t write today. Although clearly you did. Just it wasn’t what you actually wanted to write. But you know, your muse knows best, and sometimes you just have to accept that. A walk in beautiful nature usually helps me. Hope you have a more productive day tomorrow. 😊

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    • You are right, of course, about my muse, Ali. If the weather had been better I could have taken a walk around the lake instead of sitting at the keyboard getting frustrated. But…oh, well. 🙂 Good to hear from you, Ali.


  2. I thought I’d already commiserated with you on this, Jack, but it must have been on Goodreads! I love the way you’ve expressed your feelings in the poem, the repeat of that single line being very effective. Keep smiling – and, hopefully, writing. 🙂

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