We Are More Significant Than We Might Believe

Books and other acquired objects in our lives often hold memories of places, life’s better moments, dear friends, and loved ones. I’ve found the most lasting memories are those attached to things gifted to us by others.

My library shelves overflow with books—some found, many gifted, all treasured. They are an archive for my memories of travels with friends and loved ones and adventures big and small.

But books are not alone in the memory department.

I still have and use a large coffee cup given me many years ago by dear friends, one of whom has passed. But every time I pull that cup from the cupboard, I’m reminded of the gift of friendship and the good times we shared.

I have no way of knowing if compliments or a kind word I’ve given ever made a positive impact, or if my silly humor made someone smile when they were feeling down.

But I don’t really need to know, do I? I just need to know that I tried.