The Antonym Of Serendipity


I recently encountered this word I’d not seen or heard before, so I looked it up.

According to the folks at WorldWideWords:

“So what is the opposite of Serendip, a southern land of spice and warmth, lush greenery and hummingbirds, seawashed, sunbasted? Think of another world in the far north, barren, icebound, cold, a world of flint and stone. Call it Zembla. Ergo: zemblanity, the opposite of serendipity, the faculty of making unhappy, unlucky and expected discoveries by design. Serendipity and zemblanity: the twin poles of the axis around which we revolve…

Zemblanity hasn’t achieved mainstream status, though Mr Justice Michael Peart used it in a legal judgment in Ireland in 2012 and it has been borrowed as the title of a bit of madcap physical theatre, which was performed, for example, at the 2009 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.”

Inspiration And Motivation May Appear From Anywhere


Serendipity anyone?

Plodding along, sluggish and uninspired, I failed to make my writing quota for the week. Granted, it has been raining heavily for over a week bringing needed moisture to the land. Unfortunately, it also brought severe storms and left behind overcast, dark conditions that fed the procrastination monster and left me in a gloomy, uninspired mood. I muddled around, lethargic and unproductive, until a blogger friend of mine, Kay Kauffman at suddenlytheyalldied posted a picture of seeds on a dandelion.

That picture made me think of one of my favorite authors, Ray Bradbury, and his work “Dandelion Wine.” That, in turn, brought to mind Mr. Bradbury’s many famous quotes some of which I decided to post here in the event anyone else might need a bit of get-off-your-backside-and-create type serendipity in their writing life. Thank you Kay!

More inspiration and motivation from Ray Bradbury:

“You can’t TRY to do things. You must simply DO them.”

“Quantity produces quality. If you only write a few things, you’re doomed.”

“Remember plots are no more than footprints left in the snow after your characters have run by on their way to incredible destinations.”

“Bees do have a smell you know, and if they don’t they should, for their feet are dusted with the spices from a million flowers.” (from Dandelion Wine)