Goodbye February!


February 29th has arrived, the month almost over, and my birthday is six days behind me. I’ve finally come up for air after spending the entire month working on wips (works in progress) adding new chapters to the second book in my Celtic murder mystery series, fresh stories in new worlds for my second book of short stories, additional poems for publication, all the while juggling life’s daily (and necessary) interruptions.

Where has the time gone?

Who cares, I’m writing!

17 thoughts on “Goodbye February!

  1. So glad that you’ve been busy writing, Jack and long may it continue. I’ve been falling behind in my wip, but your post has reminded me that I should get back into my habit of writing every day. That sort of discipline works best for me.

  2. I’m a little late replying to this – apologies for that. We’d only just got back form being ‘up north’ last week, and I didn’t linger on WP too long. I know you’re a library lurker, and so am I. I love the places. As for writing every day, I always write at least a small section of my book. You have a few writing projects going on, so you do really well to juggle them all as well as you do.
    Another year older – and another year wiser … ? I can’t believe this past year has gone so quickly, and I’m not looking forward to my birthday next month. I’ll have caught you up again, then.
    I really hope this year is a really good one for you, Jack. You certainly deserve it after last year.

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