"Old Man" by Arkansas artist, Jack Ronald Cotner

“Old Man” by Arkansas artist, Jack Ronald Cotner

“If an artist creates it and calls it art, then it is art.

Whether anyone else agrees is a different argument altogether.”

 -Jack Ronald Cotner

"Dragonborn"   Original: 18” x 18” Ink and Oil on paper, private collection

Original: 18” x 18” Ink and Oil on paper, private collection

As an artist, I look for inspiration from everything I experience and seek to translate inspired ideas into works of art. I work in many mediums: oils, acrylics, watercolor, pen and ink, mixed media and for many years created 3-dimensional works in both stone, clay and wood.

Regardless of the medium, most of my translation manifests as abstract. The style is often free-flowing, organic. Almost any artist can render, in one form or another, that which we see in the physical world. My art, primarily—but not exclusively, tends to reflect those things which exist in my mind—even though items from the material world may be the starting point. It would be selfish of me not to paint or create what’s in my mind. Without translating my vision into art, I would be the only one seeing it. And I would consider that wrong. After all, sharing is most of the joy of life.

My career as a professional artist spans thirty years to date and some small portion of my work has been translated and produced into posters of different sizes and for numerous reasons such as gallery and holiday presentations, cups, T-shirts and greeting cards. All of these representations have been inspired by something different and the images cover the spectrum of some of my favorite artistic themes.

Want to see more of my artwork? Please visit my Pinterest site.





9 thoughts on “Artwork

  1. I’ve never read a post about your art before, Jack, and I’m truly impressed – especially as you find time to write your books as well. You are obviously a very multi-talented person. I’m not a member of Pinterest, so I probably wouldn’t get access to see more of your work. Hope whatever you’re working on at the moment is going well.

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      • A post purely about your art would be excellent! I’ll look forward to it. I can understand your concerns about your family & friends with these hurricanes and can only hope they’ll all stay safe. It doesn’t seem long since I read one of your posts about severe floods in your area, although I believe that was due to unusually heavy rain and not a hurricane. Keep safe, Jack.


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