Writer’s Block? No Problem. Peddle It Away


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I have several ways to overcome that pesky nemesis called writer’s block but my favorite is taking my bicycle out on the trails enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Riding invigorates both mind and body. I always return to writing after a long ride feeling refreshed and creative. (Thank you endorphins!)

Today I made a short ride of it covering a mere 12.75 miles, including a stop by Fayetteville’s beautiful Botanical Gardens to enjoy the scenery.

Now, back to writing.

30 thoughts on “Writer’s Block? No Problem. Peddle It Away

  1. Great way to get over the ‘wall’ Jack. I take long walks when I get like that (too many steep hills for a bike where I live – my excuse, anyway) 🙂 Love the flowers in your pics.

  2. There’s nothing like physical activity to sweep away the mental cobwebs. A run through the neighborhood, hitting the weights, practicing a kata — whatever it takes to get blood pumping, and I’m slinging sentences again.

  3. I’m glad to hear your bike’s still getting plenty of use. And you’re right about getting out about in the fresh air and forgetting your writing for a while. Walking works for me, or sometimes I bomb off for a swim. Keep well, Jack, that’s the main thing.

    • Thank you so much, milliethom. I agree, it is good to just get out and do a ‘brain dump’ when it comes to writing but I’ve also learned the riding and walking can help clear a writing obstacle/plot problem that’s been holding me back. Nothing like exercise to refresh “the little grey cells”. 🙂

  4. Righto, getting outside or away from the desk is a good idea. I walk in circles around my house or on bad weather days, walk in a small circle inside my house. There’s something about having no destination that refocuses the mind. Great post today.

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