Lovers Volcanic: A Poem


Ménage `A Trois Italia

Fiery lover Vesuvius

courted Pompeii and Herculaneum,

Sisters two

Laid out in sunny Italia

Centuries in warm embrace

Vesuvius and his consorts

Herculaneum and Pompeii,

Sisters two

Frolicked in bright Italia

Until the fiery passion of his love

erupted, ending in hot embrace of

Herculaneum and Pompeii,

Sisters two

Surrendered in heated Italia

Mighty Vesuvius covered them in

His passionate spew and

they repose there still

in sunlit Italia

Vesuvius and the Sisters two.

12 thoughts on “Lovers Volcanic: A Poem

      • That will be great! What a versatile writer you are. I’ll look forward to reading it. (I’m still doodling around with my flash fiction book and will probably get that published before Book 3 of my trilogy.) Hope the Muse is with you at the moment.

      • Thank you, milliethom. I’m pleased you are moving ahead with publication of your flash fiction work–it is so wonderfully interesting. It would be worth reading though it would mean I’d have to wait a bit longer to read your Book 3 in the trilogy… My Muse goes AWOL occasionally; hope yours stays home with you more often. 🙂

      • My Muse sounds much the same as yours, Jack. This year it’s visiting a little more often than last, but somehow it’s still spending time too much time swanning around elsewhere. 🙂

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