Three Of Me

I was pounding out another chapter for my book 2 Celtic mystery wip when this popped into my head. Didn’t get the chapter finished but at least I have another entry for my poetry book wip. And before you ask:  No, this is not autobiographical.


Three Of Me  

There was a Beginning Me,

Small, plump

With the aroma of baby freshness

And mother’s soothing lullabies;

An opening refrain to appease young cries.


Then came the Middle Me,

Muscled, tested

Experienced in worldly awareness.

Sixties songs covered bleak war laments;

A chorus against fresh lives so brutally spent.


Here sits the Ending Me,

Frail, pale

Weary with life’s abject unfairness.

Reminisced tune a humming, teary-eyed;

Closing exhortations before the final goodbye.

17 thoughts on “Three Of Me

  1. That is a lovely and very powerful poem, Jack. The last verse is very poignant, as well as incredibly thought provoking, especiall as I’m trying hard to keep positive – and active – as the years tick by. I’m glad to hear you have another wip.

    • Thank you, milliethom. Chin up, feet moving forward, think positive! (Yeah, I know. Me, too). I prefer to think of this period of relative inactivity, this depressing lull in writing is merely temporary. 🙂

      • I’ve been writing quite a lot lately, and had planned to do little on WP from now on. I just got nominated for a quotes challenge, so I decided to do that. I’ll do another couple of Christmas Traditions posts, then close down for a while.

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