Farmers’ Market

Autumn is my favorite time of year. Weather is cooling, leaves are turning brilliant colors, and Halloween (my daughter’s birthday!) all make it an enjoyable season for me. The downside? It marks the end of the Fayetteville, Arkansas Farmers’ Market held outdoors on the square in downtown Fayetteville. Thought I would take a break from writing and post some pictures.


Fresh, locally grown herbs, flowers, and vegetables


Looking East from the Fayetteville Bank


Taken from the old Post Office Building grounds


Sidewalk at the old Post Office

Farmers_Market_Fayetteville_west side

West side of the square looking north


Street musicians on every corner!


Fayetteville’s old post office on the square


One of the many flower vendors

Looking forward to next year’s market!

15 thoughts on “Farmers’ Market

  1. That looks like a colorful market and big enough to spend some browsing time. We have a big one about an hour away in Portland that now goes all year (though it’s smaller in the winter). I love buying local and fresh…getting easier all the time.

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    • Nice, D. Wallace. Buying local is best, I think, and I enjoy supporting local farmers. Our market also attracts a variety of artists and crafts-persons although I didn’t get any pics other than the musicians. But there are always painters, sculptors, potters, and spoon makers sprinkled around the square. Many colorful sights and sounds. They go all year here, also, but the indoor venue away from the square is small and I rarely go.


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