Book Review: Pit of Vipers


Pit of Vipers is the second book in Millie Thom’s wonderfully detailed and enthralling Sons of Kings trilogy set in the 9th Century. Here the epic, heroic adventure continues as we follow historical Alfred, fictional Eadwulf, and hordes of invading Danish Vikings.

Young Alfred, brother of kings, learns to hone his leadership skills and navigate the complexities of the royal court he is destined to rule. Eadwulf is back in Mercia four years now after being held slave of the Danes and is dead set on seeking revenge against his scheming, traitorous, cold-blooded uncle, Burgred.

This story has everything historical fiction fans could hope for: strong, believable characters, meticulously rendered historical settings, love and heartache, scheming intrigue, vicious deceptions, revenge, and epic conflict.

The author’s research into and knowledge of the time period provides an in-depth, fascinating look into the trials, tribulations, and challenges of those who lived in this historic period. We are drawn into their lives, suffering with them through their heartaches, rejoicing with them during moments of joy, and we are provided a front-row seat to witness the battles—both victories and defeats, private and epic—against the Anglo-Saxon’s nemesis, the great heathen armies of the Danes of the 9th Century.

No spoilers here but Pit of Vipers ends on an unexpected cliff-hanger that provides what I hope is a tantalizing transition to the third book of Millie Thom’s Sons of Kings trilogy.

I look forward to reading the final installment of this classic adventure.

12 thoughts on “Book Review: Pit of Vipers

  1. There’s not a great deal I can say about a review like that. It’s quite bowled me over, Jack. Thank you for taking the time to read my books, and your thorough reviews are really appreciated.

    • My pleasure, milliethom. Wonderful reads. I will avoid the temptation to ask how Book 3 of the trilogy is coming along for fear you will (quite rightly) reach through the Internet and bop me on the head! 🙂

      • I’ve a fair way to go before I finish the book, but have picked up.speed recently. I’m annoyed with myself for spending so much time writing flash fiction instead of concentrating on my book. I won’t be doing any more for a while. Your great review spurs me on, too. I found three others on the UK site, too – just very simple ones, but still a nice surprise.

      • I’ll miss it, too. I like doing it but I just can’t afford the time now. Like you, I feel motivated to get on with my book and have a lot of time to make up. I might come up for air now and then and post something a little different.

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