Merry Christmas And Happy Winter Holidays!

Happy Holidays colorized Pen and Ink copyright noticed

I have worked in many artistic media including oils, chalk, pencil, charcoal, watercolor, stone carving and other three-dimensional sculpture over the years but the most relaxing for me is the simple pencil sketch that morphs into rendering in other media. This card is an example.

This Happy Holiday greeting is from a pencil sketch I did while doodling in 1989. It soon became a black and white pen and ink rendering. I later inked it with color and used it as a Christmas card. Five years later, I digitized it, added snowflakes, shrunk the image, printed multiple copies and used them as name-cards on holiday gifts. The image eventually made it onto a poster advertising my holiday art displays and is part of The Cotner Collection Poster series. Here’s a version once again as a holiday greeting.

Have a safe, warm and joyous Winter Season and may all your celebrations this season bring you joy