Chickens And Dinosaurs


Way back in ancient times, sometime after the age of dinosaurs and before the invention of the computer and internet, and about the time I received an A+ grade for creative writing in 5th grade, I mean long, long-ago 65+ years ago, I raised chickens—laying hens, to be precise—and sold their eggs. Back then, I don’t remember ever thinking of chickens as being related to dinosaurs, much less the T-Rex. Although my brother did have a rather large and bad-tempered rooster with sharp, three-inch spurs that enjoyed making life miserable for any human who ventured out to the chicken yard and nests to gather eggs. He—the rooster, not my brother—I would have no trouble believing was related to the ancient dinosaur carnivores. No doubt this old rooster could recognize faces. He never attacked my father but came after me and my siblings at every opportunity and then boasted about it with exuberant strutting and crowing.

Enjoy these chicken facts.