“Shattered Mirror” by Iris Johansen

“Shattered Mirror” is a thriller and part of the Eve Duncan series. It follows the adventures of forensic sculptor Eve Duncan who finds herself at the center of a dangerous mystery.

The story revolves around Eve’s quest to uncover the truth about her daughter, Bonnie, who was brutally murdered years ago. Despite her grief, Eve has dedicated her life to using her forensic skills to help solve cold cases and bring closure to families. However, when a man named Jim Doane comes to her claiming to have information about Bonnie’s killer, Eve is plunged into a web of deception, danger, and long-hidden secrets.

As Eve delves deeper into the investigation, she realizes that not everything is as it seems, and the people she thought she could trust may have hidden agendas. With the help of her friends and allies, including her lover Joe Quinn and her adopted daughter Jane, Eve must navigate a treacherous path to uncover the truth about Bonnie’s murder and confront the dark forces that threaten her family.

I personally do not enjoy novels that are rife with running, page-heavy dialogue and the occasional indefinite pronouns that confuse and slow down my reading. Again, that’s just a personal thing. And, honestly, this book did nothing to make me want to explore other works by this author.

On the positive side, if you enjoy suspenseful mysteries with strong, determined female protagonists, and don’t mind plentiful back and forth dialogue, you may find “Shattered Mirror” an interesting, worthwhile read.



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9 thoughts on ““Shattered Mirror” by Iris Johansen

  1. Dialogue is good. Hammett, Parker, Leonard, Ross Thomas, even early Faulkner, but it has to go someplace, or serve a purpose, or tell a story (or backstory) and I prefer a character to dump it than an author led narration. That said, the “who killed my husband/wife/mother/father/child trope is so tired its wheels came off long ago. Who dunnit should be good enough without personal investment in who dunnit to me. Oh well. However, as a student of how many me, too/wannabe situational detectives there are out there I think the forensic sculptor as a subset of med-pro is new to me. But still. I have a Johansen in my last $10 bag o books. Oh well. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. I really appreciate this post, the book looks quite intriguing. Thank you for mentioning it.

    I also noticed your store… Are you by chance using WooCommerce? I have a store myself but I’ve had some technical issues with it. Any recommendations you can throw my way?

    • Thank you for your comment. Depends on what platform you are using. What kind of technical issues are you encountering? I am using WooCommerce and I have a business account through WordPress which gives me 24/7 access to a “Happiness Engineer” who has helped me numerous times throughout my journey (and it WAS a long, tedious, and frustrating journey) to get my store up and running. Hope that helps. Let me know.

      • Yes, I too have a business account with Woo and have had multiple happiness engineers help and not help me. I suffered a crash which affected both my website and my store, but I have it back up and running but have held back fixing some of the ongoing issues. It’s just always such a lengthy production… 😐

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        Nothing you can help me with, but it’s good to know I’m not the only one struggling. 😵‍💫😉

        I love your store by the way! Your artwork is stunning! ♥️ I will revisit, have a look at your beagle stuff. 🐶

      • I wonder if the issue with PayPal might be remedied by using the most current PayPal module with most recent plugins and ensuring your PayPal business account information is current. (I had to do all that myself.)

        I had other payment issues too: had to remove Amazon and switched to the new checkout page template WP recommended. In the end, I couldn’t get PayPal to work so went with the WooPay option (which accepts multiple credit cards). I’m sure you’ve probably already looked into these issues but thought I would mention them just in case.

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