I’m Not Sleeping, Just Thinking With My Eyes Closed

Haven’t posted lately but that doesn’t mean I’ve been idle. As John Lennon and others have said, “Life is something that happens to us while we’re busy making other plans.” Beyond time-consuming personal and medical issues, I’ve continued work on the second book in my Runevision Murder Mystery series as well as writing more short-stories for my second book in that genre. I also have three books in queue to finish reading, at least one of which, I plan to review here.

Lolly gagging vs dilly dallying


8 thoughts on “I’m Not Sleeping, Just Thinking With My Eyes Closed

  1. Seems like we all got sidetracked MID 2018 by any number of things and they just keep on comin’. Only read one book lately that I liked. had a run of good ones early on, then – poof. Never, ever believe the out of context attaboys on a cover.

  2. It seems I should have read this before asking about your WIP’s on the previous post! 🙁 You certainly have a lot going on, Jack, so I’m assuming your health issues are all under control at the moment. I hope so. It’s ages since I was on my blog, simply because of the time it takes to write the kind of posts I do. (I really should try being less long-winded!).
    Hope all is well and you’re looking forward to Christmas. I can’t believe how quickly this past year has flown.
    Love the quote (though I’d never heard of lolly gagging and had to look it up)! 😀

    • One day at a time, that’s my new motto. 🙂
      I was getting a bit worried having not heard from you in some time and noticed you hadn’t posted on your blog. Then the Celebration of Christmas Trees at Doddington Hall appeared and I knew you were doing well. Loved that post, by the way.
      As for Christmas, I’ll be traveling down to Texas to visit family and friends (if the weather cooperates for travel; some years it fails to cooperate) 🙂
      Lolly gagging was used frequently when I was young (a million years ago) but it seems to have fallen out of favor.
      Hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season, a merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.

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