Ah, Those Lazy, Hazy Days Of Summer

It has been an unusually mild, wet summer around my neck of the woods (as they say here in Arkansas). Few 90 degree + days and (thankfully) no 100 degree + days. In other words, when it wasn’t raining, we’ve had beautiful days to enjoy. No wonder I’m doing more bicycle riding than writing. But I do remember those blistering summer days when it was so hot all I could do is kick back and enjoy lounging in the pool.

Lawdy its hot chicken in pool.pg

7 thoughts on “Ah, Those Lazy, Hazy Days Of Summer

  1. What a fun cartoon, and very appropriate for the theme of your post. And lucky you… lounging in the pool while here we’ve had a dreary summer, with only a few days when the sun deigned to peep out. Outdoor pools are few and far between here nowadays. I wonder why… I’m glad you had a restful time and hope you now feel ready to attack your writing and artwork with newfound gusto. 😀

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