Clear The Cobwebs


On The Lake Fayetteville Trail. Blackberry in full bloom.

Into rewrite of Chapter 26 of my wip titled “The Corpsemakers” since very early morning. Hit an idea block on one of the sub-plots and a pesky antagonist acting out of character, dialogue stilted, not convincing. Hard to believe characters won’t play nice with your well-plotted scenario, huh? What’s a writer to do? Answer:  Keep working on it!

By nine thirty, I was ready for a break.

Clear blue skies, no rain, no wind. A big change from the rains experienced recently. Time for a another bike run around Fayetteville to clear the cobwebs and get the ideas flowing. Hit Fayetteville’s wonderful bike trails, headed out around Lake Fayetteville and parts beyond.

Back home now after logging just over 18 miles and feeling refreshed.

Enjoying a quick meal of fish, cucumbers, and tomatoes before jumping back into writing.

Now, where did I leave that pesky, uncooperative character?


19 thoughts on “Clear The Cobwebs

  1. A good solid flogging is usually enough to whip some characters back into line….however, more often than not, there is something in their past that causes the odd reactions and decisions. Perhaps something seemingly minor in the last day or so brought an old memory to the surface? It’s potentially a wonderful opportunity.

  2. And it’s possible the character is trying to tell you they’ve outgrown your outline — sometimes outlines need to be adjusted.

  3. Very often, clearing the cobwebs with a good walk, bike ride or run out in the sunshine can work wonders for getting to grips with characters or plots bent on causing you grief. Just flex your well-exercised muscles and show that ‘pesky’ character who’s boss! I’m sure he’ll be behaving nicely by the time you’re through with him – and I can’t imagine any of your dialogue sounding stilted. Glad to hear your book is coming on so well, Jack. That light at the end of the tunnel must be glowing brightly. 😀

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