A Little Too Much Water

My previous post found humor in two canoes being pulled behind a plumbing and repair van. However, after more than a week of storms bringing massive rains to the area leaving roads, bridges, bike and hiking trails either under water, damaged, and/or washed away, having a boat might have been a good idea.

As an example, this is a picture of the beautiful War Eagle Mill now flooded from the heavy rains. The mill was originally built in 1832.

War Eagle Mill April 2017 Flood

Photo by Clayton-Taylor FayettevilleFlyer.com


17 thoughts on “A Little Too Much Water

    • Yes, Dave. You are right. They have not yet learned the lesson that denying the truth does not change it nor will denial save them from the consequences of embracing ignorance over fact.

  1. I had no idea you’d been having such huge storms, Jack, which shows how out of touch with world news I am at the moment. I’d imagined you would be enjoying warm spring sunshine down in Arkansas. I hope the floods have caused no loss of life, and can only sympathise with you regarding the immense damage to the natural environment and man-made structures. The comments above about climate change are very valid.

  2. You must be getting all our rain, Jack. We’ve been having an unusually dry spell of late that has led to thousands of acres of land being destroyed by gorse fires. Thankfully, we had some rain for a few days, but the sun is back again today. I never thought we’d be praying for rain in Ireland. 😮

    • That is bad (and unusual) for Ireland to go without rain. At least here, we can attribute all this water to annual ‘Spring rains’ albeit more than usual. The state of Florida is experiencing numerous dangerous fires due to lack of rain. Hope you get the needed rain amounts soon. Stay safe, Jean.

  3. That’s some flood. I’m waiting for Mar-a-Lago to sink under the ocean. There’s already been a sinkhole on the street out front. Maybe that will bring Climate Change home to those in the White House. 🙁 — Suzanne

    • We can only hope about Berchtgadn South, or as it is commonly known: Mar-a-Lago; however, I have little hope this current administration is capable of or willing to learn. Thanks for the post, Suzanne.

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