Seventy Isn’t Old…If You’re A Tree

Today marks my seventieth birthday. It’s been an interesting run through life at this point and I am hopeful there are more wonderful times yet to come. I think having a good sense of humor helps us get through the ups and downs of whatever the years throw at us thus the title I selected for this blog post.

I’m tempted to expound upon the humor of being seventy as the blog title illustrates. For instance, “I’m now eighteen with fifty-two years of experience”. Or, “I’m too young to be seventy.” And how about, “I’m 70 in years but 20 in spirit!”

Humor aside, I think author Victoria Erickson has a good take on aging for all of us, especially writers:


14 thoughts on “Seventy Isn’t Old…If You’re A Tree

  1. “I can see what connects…” is indeed a gift. When you can see the story in a number of seemingly disparate stories, that’s when you get a good one. Quotes and moments spread across time that congeal.

  2. Happy Birthday, Jack. I know I’ve already said this elsewhere, but three times is lucky, so I’m told. Victoria Erickson’s quote is just perfect, and one to remember when we’re feeling that old-age isn’t something to be desired! I’ll be catching you up very soon.

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