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It is no secret one of my favorite authors is Ray Bradbury. He penned and published some wonderfully interesting work including ‘Illustrated Man’, ‘Dandelion Wine’, ‘The Martian Chronicles’, ‘Fahrenheit 451’, ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’, and so many more.

He also left us with some inspiring and often amusing sayings. Here’s one of my favorites:


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      • Hi Jack. Sometimes it feels as though everything I write is utter rubbish and I need a bomb behind me to snap out out that way of thinking. Having spent ages writing more ‘flash’ pieces for my book, short stories and me are no longer on speaking terms. 🙂
        How about you? Are you working on more short stories as well as your novel? If so, I hope you’re progressing a lot better than I am. I just have my novel now that the ‘flash thing’ is done, thank goodness.
        I hope the lovely summer weather is keeping you out and about on your bike so you come home rarin’ to write. I know you said cycling invigorates you so your writing flows a lot better. Go for it!
        Keep well, Millie. 🙂

      • ‘No longer on speaking terms’ haha, I can sympathize. I’ve managed two more short stories but writing has been sparse this summer (too many real life distractions that are taking priority)…I’ve revamped by Celtic mystery Book 2 into a near complete rewrite as I felt it necessary to cut some extraneous characters from the plots.Been working on Book 3 also but not much progress there; mostly character and plot backstory for me at this point; at least I have a full outline. Not much bike riding here the last four weeks due to weather; had excessive amounts of rain for two weeks followed by much higher than average temperatures; two days ago it reached 110 degrees Fahrenheit as a heat index. Whew!
        Are you getting close to publishing your short story/flash fiction stories? Hope so, milliethom.

      • My goodness, you have had a lot on the go! It’s funny how so many of us do completely revamp our novels. I did that with my Book 1 after first writing it as a fantasy. (What a mistake the fantasy idea was!) That you’re also planning out Book 3 is very impressive. Do you intend to leave it as a trilogy? Your kind of novels, each with a different mystery to solve, could easily become a series – perhaps that’s what you have planned. It would certainly keep you busy for a long time.
        I had a feeling temps. over there would be sky high. All that rain before too! I hope things stabilise a bit for you now and you can get some biking in.
        Yes, my book, ‘A Dash of Flash’ is now being formatted and I hope to get it on Amazon by next weekend at the latest. I’m not expecting wonders. Flash fiction isn’t too many people’s favourite thing, and there are several books of ‘flash’ stories on Amazon at the moment. We’ll see. If this one’s a big fat flop, I won’t be doing a second one! Haha. Perhaps I should try my hand at some travel books.
        Keep well, Jack. Talk again soon… 🙂

      • Excellent news on your flash fiction book! I will certainly get a copy. I know I will enjoy it…I had planned on at least three books in my Celtic series, perhaps more, but if things don’t change for the better, I’ll likely expire before I finish anymore 🙂
        Thank you, millithom!

      • I’m sure you’ll manage to write a good few more books before you ‘expire’, Jack! 🙂 But at our age, it’s a question of enjoying every day, I think. I’m not being morbid, and I’m enjoying life a lot since I retired.
        ‘m still toying with various ideas regarding what to write after this third book of my trilogy. I have several ideas, but haven’t done any real research on any of them. It will be historical, but at which period I can’t decide. It could be anywhere between Romans and the 1950s.
        I’m looking forward very much to reading your second Celtic book, so will keep my eyes open out for that one. As for my ‘flashy’ book, it was fun to put together, and a very different experience to writing historical fiction. Some of the stories haven’t been published on WP, and many of the ones that have, have been changed or lengthened.
        Thanks Jack. 🙂

      • Write what you are interested in and what makes you happy. I think that’s the best advice for any of us. Thank you, milliethom, and may I say the historical span you are considering (Romans and the 1950s) gives you so many options. Can’t wait to see what you select as your next historical period. I do know it will be an interesting read.

      • Well, before I even think of the next book properly, I have to finish writing about Alfred and Eadwulf. I do like writing about them, but three books will definitely be enough. Thank you, Jack.

  1. I think Ray Bradbury is fantastic. I saw a video speech he made. He said he couldn’t afford college so went to his local library and read many of the books. He said he graduated from the library. Just great. 🙂 — Suzanne

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