Thank You!

Me and Fayetteville's Mayor Lioneld Jordan

Me (left) and Fayetteville’s Mayor Lioneld  Jordan 

Wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation to all the great people who attended the book sales and signing at Nightbird Books yesterday. Had a wonderful turnout of authors and book lovers and enjoyed visiting with all of you.

Even the Mayor of Fayetteville, Mr. Lioneld Jordan, dropped by and purchased a signed copy of my short story book. We swapped stories of growing up in Arkansas and shooting marbles, a subject covered in one of the book’s short stories called ‘The Marble King.’ “Thank you, Mr. Mayor.”

A special note of acknowledgement and appreciation to Lisa at Nightbird Books for allowing local authors the opportunity to display their work. “Thank you, Lisa.”

14 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Congratulations on a successful book signing. It’s also good to see an independent book store supporting local talent and hanging in there in the Age of Bezos.

    But re: the picture: Which is which? I can’t tell from the tiny picture in your About section.

    • Thanks, Mike. I’m the guy on the left. The mayor is holding his copy of my book. I’m fortunate to live in a city that is big on shopping locally and supporting local authors, artists, and poets.

  2. I missed this post somehow, Jack, and it seems a long time ago now. I just popped onto your blog to see whether you had posted anything since the last one I’d read and decided to scroll back a little. Many (belated) congratulations on the successful book signing. Was your Celtic novel featured as well? You are fortunate to have local bookstores that stock and support your books. I hope thay sell really well for you.
    That’s a lovely photo of you with the mayor – now I know what you look like. Your Gravatar image does as good a job as mine in hiding your face.
    Happy Birthday for sometime this month. If you’re birthday’s been and gone (and you’re now a year “wiser”) I hope you had a wonderful day.

    • Thank you, milliethom. Yes, all my work was there. The bookstores carry them and I really have great support for my writing here. I guess I need to change my Gravatar image. The current one is a pic of me at a book signing at the Historical Museum that also carries my Arkansas book. Thanks for the birthday wishes and you didn’t miss it. It is on the 23rd. I’m hoping for ‘wiser’ but I’ll take anything good! (wink). Hope all is well with you. Always enjoy hearing from you.

      • I’m really pleased that your books do so well for you in your home area, Jack. It’s wonderful that you’re so well known and supported there. Gravatar images are a pain. I need a good one two. Anything would probably be better than the back of my head. Yours is a nice picture, but it doesn’t show your face. perhaps we should both enlist professional photographers!
        Thanks again for connecting with me on Twitter. That was a lovely surprise.
        Happy Birthday for next Tuesday! It won’t be long before I catch up with you.

      • Thanks, milliethom. I’m just not that interested in pics of myself, never have been and the older I get the less interested I become. I used Twitter a lot when it first came out but lately I haven’t done much on it but it is a useful tool to keep readers and friends up-to-date. Thank again for the birthday wishes and the same back at you for yours in April! 🙂

      • I’m not only ‘not interested’ in pics of me, Jack , I positively loathe them! The usual photos of me are of the back of my head, which is due to a reflex action when I see a camera hovering nearby. 😀
        I’m sure the novelty of Twitter will wear off with me before long. Right now, I’m trying to get a few promotions going for my books – something I’ve neglected to do since I had them published.
        Have a wonderful day on Tuesday. 🙂

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