Vikings! Run! (To Get Them Free This Week, That Is)

Author Millie Thom is offering her first book in the Sons of Kings trilogy Shadow of the Raven for free this week. I have read this book and really enjoyed it.

Here’s a book review I did of Shadow of the Raven.

Next week, she’ll offer her second in the Sons of Kings series, Pit of Vipers (which I am currently enjoying). Her books are a great read especially for those of us who enjoy historical fiction.

From Millie Thom’s website on the giveaways:

For anyone interested in getting free books on Amazon, today {June 11th, 2015} is the first of my five free days for ‘Shadow of the Raven‘, Book One of my Viking trilogy.

Shadow of the Raven (Medium)

Next week June 18 – 22 (Thursday – Monday) the second book of my trilogy, Pit of Vipers, will also be free. 

Pit of Vipers Final (Medium)



24 thoughts on “Vikings! Run! (To Get Them Free This Week, That Is)

  1. I laughed out loud when I read the title of your post. And if I didn’t already have both books I would definitely get them now. And those covers are fabulous!

  2. Thank you, Jack, for this kind gesture. I really appreciate the nice things you have said about my books, and their covers! I should pass the compliments from both you and Susan about the covers to the lovely Scottish illustrator who created them for me.

      • As far as I know, it’s extremely wet and windy …. but that’s normal for Wales. (I wonder why I get the feeling you already knew that?) Anyway, my wellies, raincoat and umbrella are all ready to go. They’d be disappointed if I left them at home. They like a good splash about in Wales. 🙂

      • I can imagine how jealous you are – and I mean that in a nice way. You really love history and there’s so much in Wales to see, apart from castles. I’m just focusing on castles next week, as well as Chester. We’ll be visiting family on some days, so I can’t just excuse myself and bomb off somewhere with my camera. Perhaps you’ll get across the Atlantic again one day. It’s funny, because there’s a lot in your part of the world I want to see – but that’s the geographer/geologist in me, not the history lover.

      • I do hope it is a pleasant trip in Wales for you. As for travel back and forth across the Atlantic, I’ll just use your appropriate line: “never say never” 🙂

      • Very clever! 😀 You got me with that one. Thank you for making me laugh this morning. It’s absolutely pouring down here – which doesn’t bode well for Wales. I’ve just got soaked out on my walk, so now I look like a drowned rat. 🙁
        Have a great day, and enjoy all that Arkansas sunshine.

      • Hopefully Wales won’t soak you. Here it will be sunny with temps in the upper 80s F. Beautiful day! Doing yard work and mulching flower beds this weekend in between working on Book 2 and catching up on my reading.

      • Sounds wonderful! Enjoy the lovely sunshine and all that mulching. Book 2 seems to be progressing nicely. It seems you’ve put the procrastination behind you. Well done you! 🙂

      • Fingers crossed (of course, it’s hard to type a manuscript that way, isn’t it?) I always get energized when it’s warm. Cold weather puts me into creative hibernation.

      • Well, 80F should get you going. 🙂 I forgot to ask … did you decide to decline the Creative Blogger challenge I nominated you for a few days ago? I had a feeling you wouldn’t have time to do it, but thought I’d ask anyway.

      • No time limit, so it’s up to you. 🙂 Is it the Creative Blogger one you’ll be doing? I think you said you wouldn’t be doing the Real Neat Blog. (You could always do both, of course, although that would take some time!) The Creative one is quite short – you only need to give five facts about yourself and nominate others. Thank you for accepting. 🙂

      • I can understand. I find blogging very time consuming and although I don’t do the gardening, I still have lots of other household jobs to do. Please don’t think I was rushing you. I just didn’t know what you’d decided. No worries about ‘when’ you do the Award post.

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