Books In Bloom 2015


I attended the Books In Bloom event in Eureka Springs, Arkansas again this year and am happy to report both weather and turn-out was good despite thunderstorms and heavy rains the two days previous.

Met some wonderful, interesting authors including the internationally best-selling author Tess Gerritsen who writes the Rizzoli & Isles series as well as many, many others. Her website is here

Kimberly and James Dean, authors of the children’s book series Pete The Cat, were very entertaining and drew a large audience, many of whom were young ones tightly clutching their personal copies of Pete’s various adventures eager for autographs. Listening to the two authors during their presentation, there could be no doubt Kimberly and James were in their happy, sweet zone doing what they love best.

Many regional authors also participated including Nancy Hartney (Washed In The Water); Abby Burnett (Gone To The Grave); Margaret Jones Bolsterli (Kaleidoscope-Redrawing an American Family Tree); Robert Cochran & Suzanne McCray (Lights! Camera! Arkansas! and Our Own Sweet Sounds).

For a list of all Books In Bloom participants both this year and past you may visit Books In Bloom, Eureka Springs.

I’m already looking forward to Books In Bloom 2016 on the grounds of the historic Crescent Hotel in beautiful Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

12 thoughts on “Books In Bloom 2015

  1. I am greatly encouraged by the growth of art and literary festivals all over. I attended Charlotte’s Senoria Festival and was impressed with the quality of the presentations and displays.

  2. What a wonderful event, and so many prestigious authors, including Tess Gerritson. We have several literary festivals and book fayres in the UK, but I confess, I’ve yet to attend one. You were certainly fortunate with the weather, too.

      • I’m not sure that they’d want self-publishing authors – or were some of those you met self-published? If so, I think you could put yousefl up there!

      • The event is by invitation only and the criteria is a committee selection process, as far as I know. I’ve seen trads, small press, and indie authors there. With as many literary events as there are in England I’d be surprised if you could not find one just right for you and your historical fiction series.

      • Really? I’ve never given it much thought before, Jack. Perhaps I should look into it. I suppose it all comes down to believing yourself good enough to apply. I’d need to give myself a good talking to first.

      • Your historical novel series can stand proud alongside anyone’s. Not to worry. I don’t pretend to speak for the events in England, of course, but it seems it would be a matter of delving into the various ones to find those who do also accept non-trads and complying with submission requirements.

  3. Jack, thanks for your comments and summary of Books in Bloom and the mention of regional authors. (smile) This event seems to improve every year and does offer a pleasant venue aimed at readers – every author’s real love. Cheers for our local festivals of all types.

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