Book Review: Washed in the Water-Tales from the South

Nancy Hartney’s book Washed In The Water-Tales From The South provides poignant, vivid snapshots in time and place of people and events in the South. Narrative is wonderfully crisp and memorable. The characters, their stories—moments of joy, suffering and perseverance—leave you wanting more. Great read.

About Nancy from her bio: Nancy Hartney writes about the Deep South of today wrapped in yesterday’s cloths. Her roots dig into the piney woods that she rode through on horseback into the sweat-soaked, hard scrabble farms, and into humid passionate nights. Her slice-of-life tales chronicle a time past that is poignant, vivid and sometimes brutal. The reader stares into the eyes of people struggling with living, grasping for understanding, doing the best they know how. Nancy makes her home in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

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3 thoughts on “Book Review: Washed in the Water-Tales from the South

  1. Great book! This earned the Ozark Writers League’s President Award AND the Best Book of the Year (Fiction). I’ve read some of the short stories Nancy’s written as well as yours, Jack. You two seem to share a common background! Hope you have another short story collection coming soon.

  2. Thank you for the information on Nancy’s awards; they were well deserved. I am writing another series of short stories that I hope to complete when I finish the second book in my Celtic Mystery series. Thank you, Susan, for posting.

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